Footwear Sanitizing Unit, 6 to 8 Users per Minute, Plastic, None Drain Connection – Available in(various models & types) – Available on credit


Item #35YY94

The HACCP SmartStep™ footwear sanitizing system from Best Sanitizers, Inc.™ helps reduce cross-contamination from footwear anywhere in your facility. This foot-operated unit uses compressed air to deliver an atomized mist of Alpet® D2 surface sanitizer. Each application uses only 0.2 oz. of chemical, but provides ample coverage to footwear soles. Compact footprint allows you to place multiple units throughout your facility.

Technical Specs

  • ItemFootwear Sanitizing Unit
  • Users per Minute6 to 8
  • Foot Sanitizer Height16 in
  • Foot Sanitizer Width11 in
  • Foot Sanitizer Length22 in
  • Maximum Number of Users1
  • Dairy Approved FeetNo
  • Voltage ACNone
  • External Water ConnectionNo
  • Drain ConnectionNone
  • Material of ConstructionPlastic
  • Special FeaturesNone

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